Zach McAdam, Age 20, Plans To Donate $100,000 to Charity by the End of 2018

Zach McAdam, a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Harford County, Maryland, plans to donate over $100,000 to charity before the end of 2018. Here is how he aims to make this goal, a reality. At the end of this post, you'll see a place where you can enter your email. Doing this will allow you to become a part of the movement & we'd love to have you. 

 “Zeal – great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.”

In early 2016, the idea for Zach’s newest company, Zeal, came about and since then he has been creating the best product for what he thinks will be a top brand in it’s industry, and it is finally ready to launch.

Zeal is a clothing brand focused around swimwear, or stage-wear as Zach likes to refer to it as. Besides the amazing quality of the product, the things that set this brand apart are the focus and the niche.

Each color of these products will represent a different charity and the customer will directly know how their purchase supports these various causes. For example, with every purchase of green boardshorts, 5 trees get planted; with every purchase of blue boardshorts, a person in need gets access to clean water; red donates to AIDS/HIV, yellow to hunger, orange to animal shelters, pink to breast cancer, etc.

 “I think just saying 10% of profit goes to 'X charity' is so boring. I want the customers and supporters of this Zeal community to know exactly what the impact they are making is, and if it costs me more to do that… which it does, then so be it, I’m happy to do it.”

When it comes to the niche, this brand will dominate in a specific market that isn’t normally thought of. Zach is a competitive men’s physique bodybuilder. In this category of this sport, the competitors go on stage wearing boardshorts instead of the typical bodybuilder-posing suit. This is where Zach originally got the idea for Zeal.

“There seems to be a general misconception of my sport in the public eye. People see those guys on stage as hard-working, and dedicated individuals-which is great… but, there is still an overwhelming amount of people who see it as a form of showing-off, or being conceited or selfish… this is where Zeal can come in. See, I know a lot of these guys and girls that compete, and usually they do it to set a goal, to motivate themselves and others and to spread the message that we are capable of so much more than we think...

On launch day, this Wednesday, Zeal will be starting out with the "Competitor V1's" for guys that compete in Men's Physique competitions. These boardshorts are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the physique that's wearing them. The design is simple, but yet strategically unsymmetrical to add a contrast to the eye observing them, therefore enhancing the symmetry of the competitor's physique. These are high quality, stretchy, eco-friendly boardshorts that will be a part of many 1st place awards. The most anticipated feature, is the slight tapering on the shorts to fit someone with a little larger-than-normal legs & make them look the best they possibly can on stage. Lastly, along with every product this brand will sell, each color will represent a different charity/cause so you can be a part of something bigger and #CompeteForMore.

Be on the lookout for product shots on Zeal's Instagram (@FindYourZeal)

Zeal, when it comes to our “Competitor” line, it's about competing for more. Bringing an even MORE positive message stepping onto that stage, and I hope that just a simple thing as the shorts these guys are wearing on stage, can shine a more positive light into the sport I love so much.”

On top of being an impact in the bodybuilding world, Zach plans on getting Zeal in the hands of as many people as possible all over the world that are maybe traveling, or going to the beach, or even just a pool party with the Spring '18 Collection coming soon.

The brand’s mantra is “Find Your Zeal” or as a hashtag used frequently on social media, #FindYourZeal. This is something Zach hopes will resonate with anyone who witnesses the brand. Finding your Zeal is all about finding what you’re passionate about, what brings you happiness, a sense of purpose, and taking that to the maximum potential in your life.

“I hope that everyone who supports Zeal, does something epic with the product; go win first place in your first competition, go surf the biggest wave, go on the vacation of your life. Go find your Zeal and show the world who you are. Be a Zealot.”

There are no limits to what this brand can do, and he hopes the quality, the message, and the power of us, as human beings wanting to be a part of something bigger, changing the world with something as simple as boardshorts (and other products coming soon), can be possible. 

Other plans for this brand include, more colors (starting with just 2 colors), different styles like shorter/more casual boardshorts that would be good for the average beach-goer or pool-crowd, more designs for the “Competitor” line, sponsoring cool events, working with college fraternities and sororities, and potential brand collabs with bikini brands and other brands that are doing big things in this space. 

Zeal is a clothing company and swimwear is just what Zach calls “First Gen” and says, “if you think this is big, just wait…”

“We are starting small, and I think that is a good way to look at our message too, sure we could have started off with a bunch of different designs, colors, a women’s line (planned to launch summer 2018), but when you are aiming to change the world, you have to take one step at a time. The important thing is that you took that step. The more we wait, the harder it will be to reverse our planet’s and our society’s issues to the point where it could possibly be too late. It’s about starting with what you have now, to make a difference.”

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